Creating a Think Tank

Take a moment to find a folder that you can keep with you all the time; make sure it is portable enough so that it is not a burden to carry around with you. This folder will be your Think Tank. Anytime you have an idea or question about your career transition, write it down immediately and drop it in your Think Tank.

A successful career transition requires continual thought and planning. It requires making a plan, executing it to your own satisfaction, and accomplishing your objectives. Take some time to explore this section. When you've done so, you will:

  • know what financial resources you have available, and where to get financial assistance if you need it;
  • know how to evaluate your spending habits and discover ways to reduce your expenses if necessary;
  • be able to map out a seven-step process to finding a job;
  • have some general knowledge of where to get help with your job search;
  • know where you might acquire additional skills or training for the job you want;
  • know how to finance an adequate career transition fund and determine how long you can afford to be out of work.
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